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There is one thing you should know about me:
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Might be a long Journal. Updates and possible comeback, I don't know. Keep reading, I might make up my mind. ; P

Oh boy, how long have I've been inactive?
I mean, yes, I upload a small doodle or two from time to time but when was the last time I was actually ACTIVE. Drawing, talking to people, making friends from time to time! You know! The usual... Looking back on this account kind of makes me shudder and scream internally for a few seconds to be honest. I am a COMPLETELY different person from the one most of you (if you ever did) talked to in the years I was actually uploading things daily. I guess I stopped when my laptop crashed. Now that literally all my activity is straighy from mobile, I have many new limitations to what I can and can't do such as how HQ my digital art can be, what sites aren't too difficult to navigate when on mobile, etc. I refuse to draw anywhere that isn't a scrap of paper haha. Galaxy Note 2s aren't the most comfortable drawing tool.
I'm also soon to be 17 (Ey, valentine boy. Ah, yes, a young lad blossoming into near adulthood. Not looking forward to it, sadly. Who ever is?) and am a Junior in highschool so maybe, just maybe, that is another reason for my inactivity. It's not been an easy year to be honest, my mind is a mess, as is my sleep schedule. I joined my school's debate team and it used to be sucking every minute of my time but now season is over so I'm free. It wasn't too bad, just exhausting. Also, never take AP classes without knowing your teachers, children! They may not teach as well as you hope. Aside from that, I've just generally been so tired. I've had plenty of free time, yes, but instead of thinking "Man, I've got all this time, should I practice writing? Learn more French? Oh, that cool group you joined years ago has a new mission, why not participate?" I collapse on my couch and sleep. Yeah. Living the dream.
I feel like making a name for myself here, though. Do more art and what not. I did meet some great people here, in this site specifically, back in the day so, why not?
I hope I can.
I hope.
See, finals are just around the corner so maybe not right this moment. There is also so much I have to update and/or change. My Deviant ID, my layout, all just old things that remind me of the me I wanted to (slightly) punch in the face (Violence is bad, kids. Don't do it!). Still, slowly but surely.
Hope to see you around! Even though most of you are probably as incative as I was or deactivated!
Oh, by the way, that old nickname of mine, Winter? Eh, just call me Zach (Or Pinocchio... Long story. Not a good one either... I grew fond of it, ok?).
I might as well make a new account. I "ain't got time for that" though.


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Anyway, I will draw anything. Dogs, Cats, Humans, Creatures, Bats, Game characters, Donuts (Especially Donuts), you name it, I draw it.

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ID made by an amazing friend, yo:Zephzombiecat

Wait. So you're telling me I have to talk about myself?! Bleh.
Well... Call me Winter, or Zack, or anything really, anyway it's all the same. Oh, I can't quote from songs either? Fine I'll end it here. Just feel free to look around and if you feel brave enough you can talk to me! I don't bite unless you're a hater... ._./ In fact, if you talk to me enough we could be friends. I don't know, think about it. ;)

Ok... so bye then. (?)

Artist, Animator, Writer, Voice actor.

:bulletgreen:I respect these people, really damn bad.:bulletgreen:

:bulletred:And then there's complete nutcases whom are amazing:

Im working on my animated/writen/comic series :I

1st- Dogs B4 Ctaz
2nd- Heart Hunter (and its prequels)
3rd- A circus series that has no name yet Ft. We'Tee
4th- Zumi Yakemi with some re-makes
5th- Re-written Big Heat
(Between all these)- Some shorts that include impossible human behavior and random dolls.
Personal Quote: "...Thanks, Obama."

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The most ironic day to be born in. xD BRO! YO, BIG BRO Thank you! :D
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Happy Birthday even tho your gonna see this message some other day XD
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